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Dedication to the Sacredness of the Bahá’í Fund 

Compiled by the National Spiritual Assembly of Azerbaijan

Stories on the Bahá’í Fund

in Azerbaijan

My name is Iqan.  When I was only six years old my mother told my sisters and I stories about sacrificial and generous contributions in the path of God and how generosity opened doors of blessings.  She told us stories of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and His advice that, "Whosoever comes with one good act, God will give him tenfold."  My parents used to give me weekly stipend for me to spend at school.  I bought ice-cream and snacks during the break at school.  That week I decided not to buy ice-cream and save the money to give in the path of God.  My older sister and my parents were SHOCKED with my decision because they knew how much I loved ice-cream.  They asked me if I had gone crazy, and I assured them that I was fine!!  

First Story:


A few weeks went by and my mother took me and my two sisters to visit grandma Maryam.  She is 70 years old and lives in another neighborhood.  We visit her from time to time.  As soon as we entered her house we all stopped to take our shoes off and grandma Maryam came to me with an open arm to hug me and kiss me which I don't like kissing, but she is my loving grandma.  She then offered me a 20 Manat bill.  I was so happy and confused because grandma only offered me the money and not to my sisters.  After we went inside she told me it was for my birthday last month.  I was so happy for the money and did not want to let go of it; not because I needed cash or I had never seen a 20 before, but because ‘Abdu’l-Bahá had fulfilled His promise!!  I felt that the gift was from Him as he said, "Whosoever comes with one good act, God will give him tenfold."

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