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Dedication to the Sacredness of the Bahá’í Fund 

Compiled by the National Spiritual Assembly of Azerbaijan

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The Secret of Right Living

The Secret of Right Living

We must be like the fountain or spring that is continually emptying itself of all that it has and is continually being refilled from an invisible source. To be continually giving out for the good of our fellows undeterred by fear of poverty and reliant on the unfailing bounty of the Source of all wealth and all good—this is the secret of right living!


-Shoghi Effendi

The Secret 


              Right Living

Come Join Me

on my Journey!


My name is Kobra; my favorite color is orange; and I am happy to be your host on this website. I began my journey to find the Secret of Right Living during my junior youth years in Baku, Azerbaijan. A lot has changed since. I am older, wiser, taller and I even have a new hairstyle! But you can be sure that my journey to find the Secret of Right Living continues....

With a heart filled with love I invite you to join me on this journey to discover these amazing secrets. Rest assured that with every courageous step you take on this path of service a myriad of mysteries will open to your heart through blessings and gifts from the source of all good!  The further you go the more you will see!! Have fun and enjoy the most interesting ride of your life.  Check back with me from time to time.... 

The Secret 


              Right Living



Hi! My name is Maryam; my colors are Black and White; and I am your administrator on this journey. I began my own journey to find the Secret of Right Living during my childhood. My mother was the treasurer of the Spiritual Assembly and she spoke to me about generous and sacrificial service in the path of God. She said God will give you lots of blessings. As a child I didn't know what that meant. Although I never became a millionaire, the Secret of Right Living uncovered such blessings to me that I would not change them for all the treasures of the world. My journey continues, and today I serve the children in my neighborhood with love and a sense of renewed generosity. In essence, I am serving my nation in a meaningful way.

This website has six main-pages and six sub-pages for your reading pleasure. The site is translated into English, Russian, Turkish, and presented in Arabic alphabet for all Azerbaijanis around the world.




I am your Envelope! I am your most intimate friend on your journey to discover the Secret of Right Living. I have been around for at least 150 years holding the hands of those who embark on this journey and I am thrilled when they reap the benefits of divine blessings.

I have taken your hands and encouraged you to walk with me.  Some put me aside and not come with me, others hold me with fear of doubt in their hearts, yet others use my assistance to only help their communities financially. However, I have always remained a sincere and genuine friend regardless of how you choose to walk with me. During our journey it is me who whispers the Secret of Right Living into your heart.  Come with me and be assured....

These Secrets will never be foretold by words, but it will gradually be engraved on the pages of your heart as you become intimate with me!  Let us start our journey together.

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